Right here at home in Philadelphia, we are building a new college pathway, on which our "College Hopefuls," with the mentorship of those who are already succeeding in college, learn how to think, feel, and act like successful college students themselves -- and graduate with a debt-free degree.



Over the course of two summer institutes and a school-year program during high school, students in our College Launch program immerse themselves in real college campuses and are mentored by incumbent college students, who help them learn, practice, and embody firsthand the skills necessary to achieve in college academically within a classroom and socially on campus.


The Philly College Team is a debt-free, high-support college option for those without one. In partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia, we have built an organic support system of continued mentorship, advising, and counseling within the context of a “community cohort” to support our students through college completion—right here in our city.



While Hopefuls are completing Philly College Team, we guarantee their future success by setting them up with unique work shadowing opportunities we call "Experienceships," connect them to career-based professional mentors in their community, and help them transfer credits to a four-year college, where they will already be halfway to a bachelors degree.